Are you ready to take on the world?

The Global Entrepreneurship and Internship Program (GEIP) offers you a range of tailored international programs designed to help you accelerate your career.

Spend your winter break in Singapore learning about entrepreneurship in Asia, spend your summer in Indonesia working on fashion logistics problems or in San Francisco meeting start-up founders. 


social enterprise

Programs that focus on real world, hands-on experience using the power of the market place to tackle our big problems. 


Programs that introduce you to start-ups, entrepreneurship and innovation centred in the top start-up cities in the world. 


Push your comfort zone, meet new people and experience business culture in another culture through our internship program. 

61% of millennials have plans to become an entrepreneur*  

*YouthSpeak Survey Millennial Insight Report

Choose from a number of program options that suit your needs. These programs have been designed to provide you varied options under the theme of entrepreneurship. No two are the same. Choose your own adventure!

Programs are on offer over Spring (Oct-Dec), Summer (Jan-March) and Winter (Jun-July). Check out all your options below. 

See things with your own eyes.

These programs are designed to immerse you in the social enterprise world.

Learn about the business models, conduct assessment and work with local communities on social impact projects.

Programs are on offer over Spring (Oct-Dec), Summer (Jan-March) and Winter (Jun-July). Check out all your options below.  

79% of chief execs think that knowledge and awareness of the wide world are more important than higher grades*

*British Council/Think Global Survey

These programs are designed to give you real world experience. Be prepared to step outside your comfort zone!

 Interdisciplinary teams are key to this program and something you're going to come across in any workplace. 

Programs are on offer over Spring (Oct-Dec), Summer (Jan-March) and Winter (Jun-July). Check out all your options below.


You will not be able to receive credit if you do not have an elective available in your program.



Students participating in programs taking place at one of our partner Universities will all enrol in an Exchange code.

They will pay for the RMIT Fee.



Participants can enrol in a Business Internship course.

Click below for more information about the course and assessments.



Check each program description for more information about enrolment for a specific program.